Friday, 20 February 2015

Paths of Peace

We need to choose paths that give us the most peace. The whole universe helps us along to make our choices. God sends us signs along the way. Even if we take the wrong path, it is the right way because we discover new things that we have never seen before. Often treasures are found on the path not meant to be taken. Moments of hope, glimmers of joy,flickers of imaginations,pictures of beauty and seedlings of love. When we realise we are heading the wrong way we simply change course. Solitude and quietness are vital keys in hearing God’s voice and hearing or seeing clearly which paths to take.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Why I write

I have journals everywhere, of everything;
A dairy of events and planning day to day living
A journal of thoughts
A spiritual journal
A therapy journal
A writing journal
A dream journal
I write articles
I blog
and my least favourite is writing content for niche marketing or basically writing to sell something or writing for someone else .
I write because I have too many thoughts in my head and I need to get them out. It’s a passion and a hobby, I do it because I love it, I love the written word. It is therapeutic in many ways. I am able to block out the world and live in my imagination for a while. It enables me to express my deep emotions and make sense of the world.  It does not matter to me if I make sense to anyone else or if my writing is bad as I write for myself and It makes sense to me. I write because I am inspired by my favourite authors, Stephan Lawhead and Paulo Coelho. Writing is a mirror of me, a literary reflection of my soul.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Discombobulation and a wiry entanglement, is the mushiness in my brain.

Navigating through thoughts and imagination but thought to be insane.

High intelligence and a creative mind keeps me in the clouds.

Normality is distant and yet it always surrounds.

Insecurely arrogant as thoughts and opinions are shared

Fearing the consequence of my soul that I bare.

Supressing an emotion is not something of I am able

It squeezes at my heart, until unleashed, only then do I feel stable.

Society is not equipped for the wildness that is within

Wayward thoughts that gnaw at me and causes me to sin.

Thoughts and emotions not able to be expressed

This is all in all what makes me a beautiful mess!

A mess





Medication is the answer of the world side effects omitted

Prayer is the answer of the church, where lies are littered

Is it broken synapses and chemicals in the brain?

or is it sin, deception and lies of Satan’s gain?

Peace not delusion

Love not seclusion

Is what I seek

Friday, 13 February 2015

Our South Africa

Our South Africa

Black is the colour of power
Of the coal mined from our land
Of the people who form our nation
Of night, of rest, of quiet, of time

Yellow is the colour of beauty
Of the fynbos flowers grown wild
Of the people who form our nation
Of work, of loyalty, of friendship and unity

Green is the colour of joy
Of the grass overgrown, abundant under our bare feet
Of the people who form our nation
Of growth, of plenty, of fun and happiness

Red is the colour of love
Of sunsets, of fire and warmth
Of the people who form our nation
Of blood, of awareness, of care, of healing

Blue is the colour of Peace
Of the oceans that surround us
Of the people who form our nation
Of tears, of sadness, of sympathy of mourning

White is the colour of wisdom
Of the diamonds mined from our land
Of the people who form our nation
Of day of clarity of purity and light

By Bronwyn Marcus

I wrote this a couple years ago about the South African flag and I am still unsure what to do with it. I thought is could be a children's picture book but I never get around to doing the illustrations...
Now I am just happy for it to be a poem.... I was starting to get very cynical about our country and brought my poem out to remind me what I once felt about it. Our country is a mess right now but it still has beauty.... 

Five sentence fiction


Unrelenting love

Lying in bed in the lonely, dark room she looked out the open window into the distance wondering if he was really leaving without saying goodbye. The chill of the breeze hit her uncovered shoulders and face.She got out of bed in her white cotton night dress and walked towards the window to close it. She heard his voice and thought it was her heart playing tricks on her mind. As she turned around there he was, as beautiful as ever standing in her doorway,he wasn’t leaving after all!

What is this about?click below to find out


Lillie McFerrin Writes


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Thursday, 12 February 2015


‘I don't celebrate valentines day! I love my wife every day of the year!’ were the words she would hear every valentines day and she would reply with ‘Then I want roses and chocolates everyday of the year!’. A romantic at heart she wished for more than chocolates and roses anyway. She wanted a hot air balloon ride or some kind of adventure but had learned to not raise her expectations too high.
He had a point though, the cheesy celebrations and shiny balloons and tiny red and white teddy bears, red and white everything, everywhere .The shops commercialising love as it is something that can be bought. She had become just as cynical as him but she still wanted to feel like a princess being spoiled by her prince. Years gone by, children, commitments , routine, the rut of life gets in the way of love sometimes.We begin to place a value on on it in gifts and trinkets. Those are worth nothing really.We forget what love is really about. It isn't a gift, a tingly feeling or emotion. It is a decision to stand by each other ,be best friends and celebrate life.She would have liked to celebrate valentines day as well but she knew he showed his love in actions, by doing dishes, or washing, or cooking for her. Telling her she was beautiful when she just woke up and was really not. He loved to serve her and that way he treated her not like a princess but like a queen.
Knowing the difference between fake love and real love is simple, its in wedding vows.’In sickness and in health’ means cleaning up each others vomit and standing by the person you love while they are down,it could even be mental health.’ Richer or Poorer’ Will you stand stand by each other under sever financial strain or when there is no money to buy hot air balloon rides. It means you are committed to making the other person feel happy not yourself and they are equally committed to make you happy. Its about finding moments in the storm of life and making memories there.
She had lost her wedding band and didn’t have one for sometime, on valentines when she didn’t expect anything, he surprised her with a new wedding band. It was a simple gesture but it meant the world to her. He then said that must get ready as he had organised for the kids to have sleepovers at friends and they are going out for dinner. They started getting ready and just as they were about to leave they looked at each other in the doorway.They were both thinking the same thing. They loved being at home. That is where they where happy. ‘I prefer your cooking anyway.’ she said and they both kicked of their shoes and stayed in for the night, just the two of them in their hearty home , no strangers, bad food or bad service, just each other. His Queen and her King
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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Word of the Week



Book I am reading, well one of them, as I read about 4 at once.I have taken time out for me! It has been a week of reflection,mysticism, new beginnings, creativity, dreaming and love.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thrifty Thursday

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I love second-hand bookshops and we have a few in our area. The R5 tent at the local SPCA, affordable books at the Hospice and the nearly new second-hand bookshop where I picked up a lovely new series. I also frequent the library often for myself and my kids.I came across this at a book table at a flea market and found it absolutely hilarious. The Bible,prioritising purity,obverse to the sexually immoral Fifty Shades,on the same bookshelf. This is what I love about literature ,the written word coming to life, inspiring new thoughts and a plethora of emotions.
I have read both and not thoroughly for opposite reasons, The Bible because it comes alive to me it is like the Never Ending Story, I find something  new in it everyday and Fifty Shades, although surprisingly sweet, it is so utterly boring and monotonous that I couldn't finish it. I suppose that it is a bestseller because of people like me, sheep to the slaughter,following the fad and wanting to know what all the fuss is about.


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Fairytales? or just pretty girls with mental disorders

The true accounts here….
Sleeping beauty:
She actually was so bored with life and having everything she could ever want so she went into a deep depression and took a bottle of sleeping tablets putting her in a coma. It was 100 days not 100 years and Prince Charming was just the janitor cleaning up when she woke up delirious.
Snow white:
Was a stay at home mom of 7 children. The evil queen was the mother in law. She had Schizophrenia and paranoid delusions, that is why she sang to birds and thought her children were dwarves.
Now Cinderalla was actually a drunk, She drank due to her overwhelming poverty and circumstances. She worked as a maid and her two step sisters were actually daughters of her employer. On the night of the ball she was told she was fired because of her sloppy work so she stole their clothes and went in disguise. At 12 midnight one of the daughters spotted Cinderalla and that is why she ran and left her slipper behind.
Had Agoraphobia and that is why she wouldn't leave the castle. She also had sicosnipophobia which is a fear of scissors which is why she never cut her hair.
Hansel and Gretel:
Grew up in the house of a cannibal serial killer. This led to terrible eating disorders, Gretel had anorexia and Hansel was Obese,he ate so much.
The Princess and the pea:
She just had OCD.

Love of typewriters

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Monday, 2 February 2015

My writing goals for 2015



I love writing but the creative passionate free spirited artist in me despises the affiliated marketing niche articles that are needed to make a little bit of extra cash for all those nice things in life like new shoes…... 


Now that is why I never get finished, I get too distracted by shiny things…..but those are gorgeous aren't they? I would like to be able to focus my energy this year on my writing and my talents like a stubborn dwarf seeking gold! No I'm not talking about those heels or my spunky new gold hair! I'm talking about the treasure of a story, tapping fingers on a keyboard, seeing imagination come to life! So here are my goals for the year…….

1. Publish my 2 children’s books I have written.

2. Illustrate my South African children's book.

3.Write Bear series with my friend Margie based on the bear characters she creates il_570xN_719784766_ddbx il_570xN_719911587_5lr6

4. Write my Andrion series, I have 4 concepts already written down, now to apply the hard work. It is another children’s fantasy novel.

5. Write a personal story based on my journaling of my stay at St Josephs. a hospital for mental patients. Inspired by the ‘inmates’ there and Paulo Coelho’s book, Veronica Decides to die…….my favourite book, that reminds me, I must do a review on that book.

6. Just have fun,learn as much as I can and see my dream become a living thing!Find my X on the map of the writing world.


I thing that is a realistic goal for one year!Watch this space!