My writing goals for 2015



I love writing but the creative passionate free spirited artist in me despises the affiliated marketing niche articles that are needed to make a little bit of extra cash for all those nice things in life like new shoes…... 


Now that is why I never get finished, I get too distracted by shiny things…..but those are gorgeous aren't they? I would like to be able to focus my energy this year on my writing and my talents like a stubborn dwarf seeking gold! No I'm not talking about those heels or my spunky new gold hair! I'm talking about the treasure of a story, tapping fingers on a keyboard, seeing imagination come to life! So here are my goals for the year…….

1. Publish my 2 children’s books I have written.

2. Illustrate my South African children's book.

3.Write Bear series with my friend Margie based on the bear characters she creates il_570xN_719784766_ddbx il_570xN_719911587_5lr6

4. Write my Andrion series, I have 4 concepts already written down, now to apply the hard work. It is another children’s fantasy novel.

5. Write a personal story based on my journaling of my stay at St Josephs. a hospital for mental patients. Inspired by the ‘inmates’ there and Paulo Coelho’s book, Veronica Decides to die…….my favourite book, that reminds me, I must do a review on that book.

6. Just have fun,learn as much as I can and see my dream become a living thing!Find my X on the map of the writing world.


I thing that is a realistic goal for one year!Watch this space!


  1. Nice to meet you through the #whatimwriting Linky :-) very best of luck with your goals!!

  2. Wow, that is a huge list of goals for one year! I think the first three alone would be enough for me... possibly the first one! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting, I'd love to hear more about how your writing year goes. x

  3. What a great list! Best of luck with your goals!


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